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Master the Dragon Tiger Odds Probability at Maxim88

Updated: Feb 13


Dragon Tiger Live Casino Game by featuring variations of Dragon Tiger and probability of winning. Learn more Dragon Tiger Odds Probability from our review.

In this guide, we will explore the odds and win probability in Dragon Tiger, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your gameplay.

Additionally, we will recommend a top-notch online casino where you can enjoy this exciting game.

So, let’s dive into the world of Dragon Tiger and discover the secrets to success.

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Understanding Dragon Tiger Odds Probability

Dragon Tiger is often likened to Baccarat and Casino War due to its similarities. To gauge your chances of winning, it’s crucial to grasp the odds and probability associated with the game.

Fractional odds are commonly used in Dragon Tiger, represented as a ratio such as 20/1. These odds can be used to calculate the likelihood of winning.

For example, a ratio of 4/1 implies a 25% chance of winning, while 1/1 denotes a 50% chance.


Variations of Dragon Tiger Odds Probability

Before delving into the specifics of Dragon Tiger odds, let’s explore some popular variations of the game:

Evolution Dragon Tiger

Featuring a visually appealing layout, Evolution Dragon Tiger offers exciting gameplay. It offers a generous payout of 11:1 for ties and a remarkable 50:1 for suited ties.

Ezugi Dragon Tiger

Ezugi Dragon Tiger provides a traditional layout, although the Tie bet pays out at a slightly lower rate of 8:1 compared to other versions.

Playtech Dragon Tiger

With its dark visuals and slightly lower Tie payout of 10:1, Playtech Dragon Tiger offers a unique gaming experience.

XPG Dragon Tiger

XPG Dragon Tiger stands out for its wide range of side betting options, including Odd/Even and Small/Big bets, which offer a payout of 3:1.

Dragon Tiger Odds Probability: Bet Odds

Now let’s delve into the specific Dragon Tiger bets and their corresponding Return to Player (RTP) percentages:

  • Dragon/Tiger Bet: The RTP for this bet is 96.72%.

  • Tie Bet: The RTP for a Tie bet is 89.64%.

  • Suited Tie Bet: The RTP for a Suited Tie bet is 86.02%.

Comparing Dragon Tiger to other similar games, we find that its RTP is slightly lower.

For instance, offers approximately 98% RTP for the Banker and Player bets and 85% RTP for the Tie. Meanwhile, Casino War has an average RTP of around 97%.


Tie Bet Win Probability

The Tie bet in Dragon Tiger wins if the Dragon and Tiger cards have an equal rank. This bet pays 8 to 1, but its house edge is quite high at 32.77%.

Although Tie bets can lead to significant wins, the probability of winning is low. Out of 86,320 possible outcomes, only 6,488 result in a tie, making it a challenging bet to win.

Suited Tie Bet Win Probability

The Suited Tie bet wins when both the Dragon and Tiger cards have both the same rank and suit. This bet offers an impressive payout of 50 to 1, but the house edge is 13.98%.

While the Suited Tie bet provides an opportunity for substantial winnings, the chances of winning are relatively slim.

Big and Small Bet Win Probability

The Big and Small bets in Dragon Tiger allow players to wager on whether a specific card will be over or under seven.

If the chosen card is exactly seven, the bet is lost. Wins on these bets pay even money, and the house edge for both Big and Small bets is 7.69%.

When it comes to win probability, the chances of winning the Big or Small bet are relatively high.

Out of the 86,320 possible outcomes, 48,032 outcomes result in a win for either Big or Small, making the win probability approximately 55.68%.

Dragon/Tiger Bet Win Probability

The Dragon/Tiger bet is the most straightforward and commonly placed bet in Dragon Tiger.

This bet involves wagering on which hand, Dragon or Tiger, will have the higher-ranked card. The payout for this bet is even money (1 to 1), and the house edge is 3.73%.

In terms of win probability, the Dragon/Tiger bet offers a near 50/50 chance of winning.

Out of the 86,320 possible outcomes, 41,616 outcomes result in a win for either Dragon or Tiger, making the win probability approximately 48.15%.

Suggested Online Casino for Dragon Tiger


If you’re looking for a reliable and exciting online casino to play Dragon Tiger, Maxim88 Casino is an excellent choice.

With its extensive game selection, secure platform, and enticing bonuses, Maxim88 provides an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Maxim88 Live Casino offers a variety of Dragon Tiger variations, allowing you to explore different gameplay options and strategies.

The casino is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced players to navigate and enjoy the games.


Dragon Tiger is a thrilling and fast-paced card game that has gained popularity among casino enthusiasts worldwide.

With its simple rules and exciting betting options, players can enjoy both the simplicity and the potential for significant wins.

Understanding the various betting options, such as Dragon/Tiger, Big/Small, and Suit bets, can help you make informed decisions and improve your chances of winning.

One highly recommended casino for playing Dragon Tiger is Maxim88 Casino, offering an extensive selection of games, secure platform, attractive bonuses, and excellent customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the win probability for the Dragon/Tiger Bet?

The win probability for the Dragon/Tiger Bet is approximately 48.15%.

2. What are the similarities between Dragon Tiger and other games?

3. How are fractional odds used in Dragon Tiger?

4. What are some popular variations of Dragon Tiger?

5. What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage for the Dragon/Tiger Bet?

6. What is the RTP for the Tie Bet?

7. What is the RTP for the Suited Tie Bet?

8. What is the house edge for the Tie Bet?

9. What is the house edge for the Suited Tie Bet?

10. What is the house edge for the Big and Small Bets?

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