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Dragon Fortune Fishing Review & Free Demo

Updated: Mar 15


JILI Dragon Fortune Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JILI Dragon Fortune Fishing demo game to discover how to win at Maxim88.

Learn more from our review and the free demo. Dragon Fortune Fishing Game, developed by JILI Gaming, invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey of excitement and rewards.

In Dragon Fortune, you'll find yourself in a captivating underwater realm, where majestic dragons soar through the depths, and the ultimate goal is to conquer the formidable Dragon King.

Armed with powerful weapons and an arsenal of strategies, you'll aim, shoot, and strategize your way to glory.

Table of Contents

Free Demo: Dragon Fortune Fishing

How to Play Dragon Fortune Fishing



To play Dragon Fortune, you should understand the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and selecting the game room. Learn how to play Dragon Fortune with guidance from our comprehensive guide below.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

In the world of Dragon Fortune Fishing, mastering the game mechanics is your key to success.

This thrilling fish shooting game, brought to you by JILI gaming, features a captivating adventure where the sky dragon guards hidden treasures, waiting for your conquest.

Let’s delve into the mechanics that will help you emerge victorious:

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

The game offers a convenient auto-shoot feature that allows you to focus on your strategy without worrying about constantly tapping the screen.

This feature ensures your shots are precise and timely, increasing your chances of hitting your targets accurately.

Choose Your Weapon

Selecting the right weapon is crucial in Dragon Fortune Fishing. You’ll have various weapons at your disposal, each with its unique characteristics and firepower.

Picking the most suitable weapon for the situation can greatly impact your success in the game.

Bet Adjustment

To maximize your rewards, you can adjust your bet according to your strategy. A higher bet increases your chances of winning bonuses, making it essential to strike the right balance between risk and reward.

Careful bet adjustment is the key to success in Dragon Fortune Fishing.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Now that you’ve grasped the game’s core mechanics, it’s time to dive deeper into placing your bets and understanding the paylines.

Efficiently managing your bets and paylines is vital for a successful gaming experience.

Selecting the Game Room

Dragon Fortune Fishing offers various game rooms to choose from. Each room comes with its own set of challenges and rewards.

Selecting the right game room based on your skills and strategy can significantly impact your overall success in the game.

As you embark on your Dragon Fortune Fishing journey, remember that a combination of precision, strategy, and understanding the game’s mechanics will lead you to the ultimate goal.

Defeating the dragon king and claiming the grand prizes. Stay sharp, aim true, and enjoy the adventure!

Game Features of Dragon Fortune Fishing

There are some game features of Dragon Fortune that you must know, included Gold Rock Dragon, Immortal Dragon King, Special Dragon King and so on. Let's jump right in and review each of them mentioned below!

Gold Rock Dragon


When you capture the Golden Stone Dragon, you’ll be in for a treat as it awards the bonus displayed on the board.

The more you bet, the higher your rewards can go, with the maximum potential win reaching an impressive 80,000. Increasing your bet also enhances your chances of triggering this bonus.

Effects Dragon


After successfully defeating dragons, the Effects Dragon feature comes into play. Nearby dragons will be shocked, leading to a chain reaction of Chain Lightning that targets a group of pterodactyls.

Additionally, you’ll be rewarded with three rounds of a powerful Beam Cannon, allowing you to deal substantial straight-line damage to the pterodactyls.

An added element of excitement is the activation of a soundwave that stuns pterodactyls within its random wave range.

Jewel Super Prize Dragon


As you engage in shooting dragons, you have the opportunity to earn the base multiplier rate or even a lucky 2x Super Prize when you make a successful kill.

If luck is on your side, you may secure a 5x Super Wealth reward, adding a thrilling dimension to your gameplay.

Crystal Bonus


Each time you eliminate a Jewel Dragon, you accumulate the collection value of the Crystal Bonus.

The accumulated value is directly proportional to the number of jewels you obtain. For instance, collecting 5 jewels can result in a 5x Super Wealth reward, while 2 jewels may lead to a 2x Super Prize.

Once you reach the designated accumulated value, the Crystal Bonus Game activates automatically. During this exciting phase, you can strike the crystal to claim your prize.

You have three chances to strike, with the maximum accumulation rate reaching an impressive 800 times.

Immortal Dragon King - Nether Dragon


Whenever you strike the Nether Dragon, you have the chance to gain the Nether Dragon multiplier.

This multiplier also causes the Nether Dragon to release shockwaves that attack the surrounding little dragons.

Each target hit by a shockwave provides an opportunity to gain the multiplier of that specific dragon type, with a maximum potential of 720 times.

Awakening Dragon King - Ice Dragon, Flame Dragon


Eliminating an Infernal Dragon or Ice Dragon triggers a magnificent Awakening Attack.

This presents you with an enticing opportunity to win substantial prizes, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to your gameplay.

Special Dragon King - Sky Dragon


Whenever you hit a Sky Dragon, there’s a chance to trigger the Sky Dragon’s tornado effect, allowing you to collect up to 888 times the amount of gold coins within its range.

Additionally, you can target the treasure chests around the Sky Dragon. Each successful hit on a treasure chest provides a chance to win rewards, with a maximum potential of 40 times.

Prize Multiplier


When you attack a dragon type labeled as “Prize Multiplier,” a random multiplier item (10%, 20%, or 30%) will be released.

This multiplier is applied to all dragon types killed within the next 20 seconds, increasing your potential rewards.

However, be aware that certain conditions, such as disconnection or leaving the game range, may clear your status.

It’s also important to note that the prizes of the Gold Rock Dragon will not be affected during the Prize Multiplier phase.

Multiplier Comparing Game


Dragon Fortune introduces an exciting multiplier comparing game.

To activate this game, you must defeat specific dragons. In this dice game, you’ll compare the outcome, which can be categorized as large or small (1-3 points for small, 4-6 points for large).

The base amount of the game corresponds to the multiplier prize of the dragons you’ve defeated.

Winning the game multiplies your prize, while losing resets your progress to zero. Each game consists of a maximum of 3 rounds, and you can exit the game and check your score at any time during the game.

Special Weapons



Missiles offer a unique twist to the gameplay. Each missile launched deducts 6 times the bet amount.

Missiles have a higher chance of making successful catches, with the score based on the original multiplier.


The Railgun is another special weapon that deducts 15 times the bet amount per shot.

It is highly effective in capturing targets, with the exception of the Mech Dragon.

Free Thunderbolt


Accumulate energy as you continue to shoot. When your energy is full, you can unleash the Thunderbolt, causing a large-range attack that can significantly impact the game.

The energy conversion and discharge are based on your current bet, and the energy bar resets if the game disconnects or you leave the game.

These exciting features contribute to the immersive and dynamic gameplay experience offered by Dragon Fortune Fishing Game.

Keep in mind that the game’s official backend data applies in case of any abnormal game data display.


Proven Tips for Winning Dragon Fortune Fishing

With our 7 proven tips, we can help you to win at Dragon Fortune, included know your targets, utilize game features, choose your weapons wisely, manage your bets strategically and so on.

1. Know Your Targets In Dragon Fortune, success hinges on your ability to identify and prioritize your targets effectively.

Referencing the information provided in the “Game Features of Dragon Fortune” section, understand which dragons offer the most lucrative rewards, such as the Gold Rock Dragon, Jewel Super Prize Dragon, and Special Dragon Kings like the Sky Dragon.

Focus your firepower on these high-value targets to maximize your winnings.

2. Utilize Game Features Leverage the game’s unique features to your advantage. As highlighted in the “Game Features of Dragon Fortune” section, these features can trigger powerful chain reactions, multipliers, and bonus rounds.

For example, triggering the Crystal Bonus Game can lead to substantial rewards, and taking advantage of the Prize Multiplier feature during specific dragon encounters can significantly boost your earnings.

3. Choose Your Weapons Wisely As mentioned in the “How to Play Dragon Fortune” section, weapon selection is crucial.

Different weapons offer distinct advantages, from high damage to rapid fire. Tailor your weapon choice to your preferred playstyle and adapt it based on the dragons you encounter.

For instance, missiles are effective for capturing targets, while railguns can be a solid choice, except when dealing with Mech Dragon.

4. Manage Your Bets Strategically Betting wisely is essential in Dragon Fortune. Referencing the “How to Play Dragon Fortune” section, consider adjusting your bet based on your confidence and the potential rewards.

Higher bets can lead to more significant bonuses, but they also come with greater risk. Find the right balance that matches your gameplay strategy.

5. Focus on Multipliers Multipliers play a pivotal role in your earnings. As outlined in the “Game Features of Dragon Fortune” section, certain dragon encounters and game features offer multipliers that can dramatically increase your rewards.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to trigger and capitalize on these multipliers, as they can turn a modest win into a substantial windfall.

6. Engage in Mini-Games and Special Features Dragon Fortune offers various mini-games and special features, such as the Multiplier Comparing Game and the Free Thunderbolt, as detailed in the “Game Features of Dragon Fortune” section.

Participating in these activities can add an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay and potentially lead to significant prizes.

7. Stay Informed and Practice Lastly, stay informed about the latest updates, strategies, and tips for Dragon Fortune. Regular practice can help refine your skills and improve your aim.

The more you play and learn, the better your chances of mastering the game and consistently winning big.

By following these tips and strategies and referring back to the previous sections, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer Dragon Fortune Fishing Game and unlock its wealth of treasures and rewards.

Suggested Online Casino for Dragon Fortune Fishing


Recommended Casino to play Dragon Fortune is Maxim88 Casino, it stands as the premier destination for avid Dragon Fortune enthusiasts.

With its exceptional gaming environment and a wide array of exciting features, Maxim88 online casino offers a seamless and thrilling experience that perfectly complements the game's adventurous spirit.

Dragon Fortune Fishing Game, a captivating creation by JILI gaming, finds its ideal home within the extensive gaming portfolio at Maxim88 Casino.

Here, players can embark on their treasure-seeking journey in a secure and user-friendly environment.


Dragon Fortune Fishing Game invites players into a realm where action-packed gameplay meets the allure of mythical treasures.

With its engaging mechanics, diverse features, and thrilling adventures, this game from JILI gaming delivers an unforgettable gaming experience.

Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated dragon hunter, Dragon Fortune offers excitement, strategy, and the potential for significant rewards.

Explore the depths, aim high, and unleash the dragon-slaying hero within you.

Embark on this epic journey today and discover the riches that await in Dragon Fortune Fishing Game.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Dragon Fortune Fishing Game?

Dragon Fortune Fishing Game is an exciting underwater adventure developed by JILI Gaming, where players can hunt for treasures guarded by mythical creatures.

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4. How can I maximize my winnings in Dragon Fortune Fishing Game?

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6. What is the maximum potential win in Dragon Fortune?

7. How do I activate special features like the Multiplier Comparing Game and Free Thunderbolt in Dragon Fortune?

8. Are there different types of weapons in Dragon Fortune Fishing Game?

9. Can I play Dragon Fortune Fishing Game for free before betting real money?

10. What is the official backend data for Dragon Fortune Fishing Game?

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