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3 Dancing Monkeys Slot Review & Free Demo

Updated: Feb 22


Pragmatic Play 3 Dancing Monkeys Slot is a 5×3-reel, 243 paylines with 96% RTP and medium game volatility slot game by Pragmatic Play, read our review and play Pragmatic Play 3 Dancing Monkeys Slot demo game to discover how to win at Maxim88.

This slot offers not only engaging gameplay but also a visually appealing cartoon realm.

Against the backdrop of a serene landscape, players will find themselves captivated by the antics of the three monkeys, each linked to unique modifiers that enhance the excitement.

From the cheerful Wild symbol to the thrilling Scatter Free Game feature, 3 Dancing Monkeys is poised to deliver entertainment and potential riches in equal measure.

Table of Contents

Free Demo: 3 Dancing Monkeys Slot

Details & Information of 3 Dancing Monkeys Slot

How to Play 3 Dancing Monkeys slot

To play 3 Dancing Monkeys, you should understand the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and spinning the reels. Learn how to play 3 Dancing Monkeys with guidance from our comprehensive guide below.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

In “3 Dancing Monkeys,” players are transported into an Asian-themed slot adventure, drawing inspiration from the significance of monkeys in Chinese culture.

These creatures are associated with traits like self-confidence, charm, and even a touch of cunning.

The game is a collaboration between Pragmatic Play and Wild Streak Gaming, offering a unique blend of modifiers, mystery symbols, free spins, and the option for bonus buys.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

In “3 Dancing Monkeys,” fine-tuning your bets and understanding the intricacies of paylines are pivotal steps towards optimizing your gameplay experience.


The paytable in 3 Dancing Monkeys serves as a valuable guide to understanding the worth of each symbol combination.

It outlines the potential payouts for various matches, shedding light on the game’s winning potential.

System Settings

Players have the freedom to adjust the game’s settings according to their preferences.

This includes options related to audio, visual effects, and other customizable elements.

Bet Adjustment

Tailoring the bet to your liking is a straightforward process. With options ranging from a minimum of 30 pence/cents to a maximum of £/€150 per spin, players can fine-tune their wagers to match their comfort level.


For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, the Autoplay feature allows for automatic spins, streamlining the gameplay experience.

Set Paylines

Understanding and customizing the paylines is essential for optimizing your strategy. The game offers a 243-ways-to-win system, ensuring ample opportunities for winning combinations.

Spinning the Reels

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the game mechanics, it’s time to set the reels in motion.

With a firm grasp of how bets are placed and paylines configured, you’re ready to embark on your 3 Dancing Monkeys adventure.

Games Features of 3 Dancing Monkeys slot

There are some game features of 3 Dancing Monkeys that you must know, included wild symbol, scatter free games, Mystery symbol and buy free spins. Let's jump right in and review each of them mentioned below!

Wild Symbol


The wild symbol is a key player in this slot adventure, appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4. Its role is to substitute for all other symbols except for the Gem symbols.

This substitution power can help you complete winning combinations and maximize your payouts.

Scatter Free Game

The heart of the game lies in the Scatter Free Game feature, triggered by the vibrant red, green, and blue gem symbols that appear on all reels.

These gems are associated with unique modifiers, making the free spins phase exceptionally rewarding. Here’s how it works:


  • Red Gem awards the “Ways” modifier, transforming the grid into an expansive 5x5 size for potentially bigger wins.

  • Green Gem activates the “Wild” modifier, introducing more wild symbols onto reels 2, 3, and 4 to boost your chances of forming winning combinations.

  • Blue Gem unlocks the “Wins” modifier, endowing all wild symbols with multipliers of x2, x3, or x5. When multiple wilds with different multipliers are part of a winning combo, their values multiply, leading to astounding payouts.

Whenever a Gem symbol hits during free spins, there’s a chance it triggers its associated modifier for the rest of the round.

Plus, you’ll be rewarded with an additional 5 free spins whenever this occurs, keeping the excitement alive.

Mystery Symbol


During the free spins feature, watch out for the Mystery symbol. When it lands on the reels, it transforms into an enticing prize.

This prize could be either a set of extra free spins or an instant cash reward. You could potentially win anywhere from 1 to a thrilling 42 extra free spins or earn a cash prize ranging from 30x to a staggering 5,000x the bet per line.

Buy Free Spins

For those eager to dive straight into the action, there’s an option to buy free spins for 100 times the bet.

When you choose this option, your triggering spin is guaranteed to land a combination of two Gems, catapulting you into the heart of the Scatter Free Game feature.

With these exhilarating game features, “3 Dancing Monkeys” offers a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.

Whether it’s the wilds, the gems, or the mystery symbols, there’s always something exciting happening on the reels.



Proven Tips for Winning 3 Dancing Monkeys Slot

With our 10 proven tips, we can help you to win at 3 Dancing Monkeys Slot, included understand the game mechanics, explore the paytable, utilize the wild symbol, master the free spins feature and so on.

  1. Understand the Game Mechanics: As explained in the previous section, understanding the game’s mechanics is essential. Be sure to grasp the paytable, system settings, bet adjustment, autoplay options, and paylines. This knowledge forms the foundation of your gameplay.

  2. Explore the Paytable: The paytable is your key to unlocking potential rewards. Take a close look at the symbols and their corresponding payouts. Knowing which symbols offer the highest rewards can help you make informed betting decisions.

  3. Utilize the Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol, represented by a cheerful monkey, can substitute for other symbols, except Gems. Keep an eye out for the Wilds on reels 2, 3, and 4, as they can significantly boost your chances of forming winning combinations.

  4. Master the Free Spins Feature: The Scatter Free Game feature, with its Red, Green, and Blue Gems, is where the real excitement lies. Understand how each gem’s modifier works and how they can benefit your gameplay. For instance, the Red Gem expands the grid, the Green Gem adds more Wilds, and the Blue Gem multiplies your wins.

  5. Trigger the Mystery Symbol: During free spins, the Mystery symbol can lead to extra free spins or instant cash prizes. Keep an eye out for this symbol, as it can be a game-changer, offering you additional chances to win.

  6. Consider Buying Free Spins: If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the option to buy free spins is available. This guarantees a combination of two Gems on your triggering spin, increasing your chances of activating the Free Spins feature.

  7. Manage Your Bankroll: Set a budget for your gameplay and stick to it. Slot games can be highly entertaining, but it’s important to gamble responsibly and avoid chasing losses.

  8. Play at Your Comfort Level: “3 Dancing Monkeys” offers a wide range of bet levels. Play at a bet level that you’re comfortable with and that suits your budget.

  9. Practice Free Play: Many online casinos offer a free play or demo mode for slot games. Take advantage of this to practice your strategies and get a feel for the game before wagering real money.

  10. Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on the game’s rules, paytable, and any special promotions or bonuses offered by the casino. Staying informed can lead to better decision-making.

By following these tips and strategies, you can increase your chances of winning while enjoying the exciting features of “3 Dancing Monkeys.”

Remember that slot games are ultimately games of chance, but with the right approach, you can make the most of your gaming experience.

Suggested Online Casino for 3 Dancing Monkeys Slot


Recommended Casino to play 3 Dancing Monkeys is Maxim88 Casino. Maxim88 casino offers a perfect platform to enjoy the game's captivating features and potential rewards.

With a user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, and a wide range of slot games, including "3 Dancing Monkeys," Maxim88 Casino ensures an immersive gaming journey.

They provide a secure and fair gaming environment, backed by trusted licenses and reliable payment methods for hassle-free deposits and withdrawals.

Maxim88 Casino also offers enticing bonuses and promotions, giving players an opportunity to boost their bankrolls while spinning the reels of this Asian-themed slot.

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player, Maxim88 Casino welcomes you to explore the world of "3 Dancing Monkeys" and try your luck at winning big in a safe and entertaining setting.


In conclusion, 3 Dancing Monkeys is a slot game that combines the charm of Asian culture with exciting gameplay features.

With its cheerful Wild symbols, the anticipation of Scatter Free Games, and the element of surprise with the Mystery symbol, players are in for a thrilling adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned slot enthusiast or new to the world of online gaming, this title offers both entertainment and the potential for rewarding wins.

So, step into this enchanting realm, spin the reels, and let the monkeys lead you on a dance towards exciting possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is 3 Dancing Monkeys Slot?

3 Dancing Monkeys Slot is a video slot game developed by Pragmatic Play with 5 reels and 243 paylines, featuring an Asian-themed adventure and charming monkey characters.

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